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9 Interesting Facts about the S’more

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9 Interesting Facts about the S’more

The S’more… That delicious and sweet cube of perfection that would light up the eyes of any adult and bring your taste buds back to its youthful days in the wilderness and outdoors. The S’more over the years has become such of an important treat that they officially named a day after this delectable delight. Today is National S’mores Day and do we have a S’mores treat for you!

To celebrate this wonderful occasion, we went out and found some interesting S’mores facts that we thought we would share with everyone!

1. The recipe for the S’more was first published in the Girl Scouts handbook called Tramping and Trailing in 1927.

2. The Guinness World record for the number of people making S’mores, at one time, is 423.

3. Americans buy 90 million pounds of marshmallows every year. During the summer months, 50 percent of them are toasted over the fire.

4. The world’s largest s’more was recorded in May of 2014 and weighed 267 pounds. The S’more was comprised of 140 pounds of marshmallows, 90 pounds of chocolate, and 90 pounds of graham crackers.

5. The term S’more actually came from “Some-More” and was referred to as “Some-More” in several books.

6. August 10th is National S’mores Day and is celebrated all over the world.

7. According to a Twitter study, S’mores are most popular in Vermont with Virginia coming in second place

8. The Graham Cracker was originally invented by Reverend Sylvester Graham in 1829. The intention of the Graham cracker was for a diet foo that is a whole-wheat product.

9. The most delicious tasting and probably the neatest S’mores ever made is our very own Paul Thomas Chocolates O.M.G. S’more. We have been making our S’more for over 40 years. With our home-made big, square made Marshmallows on top of a Graham Cracker and dipped in our finest Dark or Milk Chocolate!

Would you like Some-More??? Order your S’mores today! Call us (706)864-6333 or visit our website at


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