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Filming in Dahlonega

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13 Movies and TV Shows Filmed in Dahlonega

Generally, people move to Florida when they are ready to retire. We did the opposite, Paul and I left Florida and found a gem of a city in the North Georgia Mountains called Dahlonega. This quaint little town has so much to offer it’s many visitors and residents. A short little history about the town that let us bring Paul Thomas Chocolates to life, is that Dahlonega was founded in 1828 and was the site of America’s first major gold rush. One of our feature chocolate products is actually our Gold Rush Dahlonega chocolate bars. Although the city was founded so long ago, it’s resident population has remained small with only 5,242 residents in 2010. Although the community is small, we get the privilege of meeting so many people because Dahlonega is a great tourist spot, and in recent years it has become a popular spot for Hollywood.

Between all of the old eclectic architecture, parks and even the local university, there is plenty of breath-taking scenery to provide for many movie plots and TV shows. In 1915, Dahlonega caught the eye of Hollywood, when two films were filmed in the city, The Plunderer and Life Without Soul. For some reason, Hollywood forgot about Dahlonega and didn’t come back for over 85 years, when in 2001 a small Documentary was filmed there called Army Ranger School. A movie here and a movie there would pop up and get filmed here over the course of the next ten years. All of a sudden in 2011, Dahlonega was discovered again by Hollywood and in the past 5 years we have a total of 7 movies and shows filmed in our beautiful town. For a complete list of movies and shows click here

All in all we have had 13 TV Shows and movies filmed here and we just found out about number 14, it’s a TV show called Hail Mary that will be aired on NBC. Our building is also going to get a moment of camera time, which is why we will be open on and off this Wednesday and Thursday (March 30th and 31st). Parts of the city will be closed off as well to allow for the filming and there will be over 140 cast members and 200 extra on site. If you are going to be in the city during this time, we hope to see you, but keep in mind that the filming may cause a delay to getting your chocolate for the day. You can still always order your chocolates online anytime!

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