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Thursday, 20 October 2016 18:15


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Halloween – Tricks Or Treats For Ghouls, Goblins Witches & Ghosts. Ah, What A Sweet Night It Is.

Way back in a Galaxy far, far away it was 1930. When Trick or Treaters, back then, were at our doors, they were greeted and gifted with homemade cookies, pieces of cake, fruit, nuts, coins and, even, toys. The Halloween tradition that today celebrates with horrible costumes and famous characters, masks with ghoulish touches, had just begun. In the 1950’s unwrapped candy was substituted for home made treats. Then, in the 1970’s, unwrapped candy was viewed as unacceptable by parents. They wanted a safer treat to give out and receive. So, the big candy companies obliged and sold individually wrapped candies for Halloween. Today, Halloween has grown to a major holiday in the U.S. In fact we spent over 6.9 Billion Dollars on Halloween in 2015. Today fright seekers will spend over $300 Million attending Hunted Houses. The average American will spend $74 on decorations – a total of 1.9 billon dollars in U.S. decoration sales. In fact,

157 million Americans will take part in our Halloween celebration this year.

Why not make Paul Thomas Chocolates part of your celebration. We’re celebrating Halloween, too, with our Nutter Butter Ghosts and Eye Ball Truffles. Come on in and get ‘em. We’ve got plenty of other wonderful chocolate teats for you to enjoy and even give to your Trick or Treaters. So visit us at and bag some of our delicious treats. Or come visit us at 102 Public Square, North Dahlonega, Georgia 30533. But if you do come by, watch out for the Ghost of old Paul Thomas...but he’s really a sweet guy.

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